Advanced Aircraft Roller Systems, Inc. (AARSI)

FAA-PMA Approved - Rollers & Assemblies

Patent No.'s 8,430,801 and 7,771,333


Aero-Glide™ - The Better Engineered Parts

Advanced Aircraft Roller Systems, Inc. has developed Aero-Glide™, a copolymer aircraft cargo roller that offers increased design flexibility as a viable, long term, and economical replacement choice for traditional metal rollers.  Aero-Glide™ aircraft cargo rollers can be seamlessly integrated into the aircraft cargo loading system on an attrition basis with no impact to or interruption of the existing system.  Aero-Glide™ aircraft cargo rollers provide equivalent strength characteristics found in metal rollers, plus:

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.35.18 AM.png
  • Lower Cost

  • High Performance - low wear, low coefficient of friction

  • Lightweight

  • No Bearings - reduces long term maintenance cost

  • Chemical / Corrosion Resistant

  • Extreme Durability - high impact resistance



AARSI - Caster Assemblies (Patent Pending)

No maintenance required:

Unicaster Assemblies P/N: RKA-7M3W050-1, RKA-77FM200-1, RKA-7M32502-3

Mini-Unicaster Assemblies P/N: RKA-77F8000-1, RKA-77F8100-1

Omnicaster Roller Assembly P/N: RKA-AWJ7000-507


Proven Onboard Performance