Advanced Aircraft Roller Systems, Inc.

Aero-Glide™ Aircraft Cargo Rollers & Assemblies

Aero-Glide™ aircraft cargo rollers from Advanced Aircraft Roller Systems, Inc. are a one piece integral aircraft cargo roller manufactured from a copolymer material. The function of a bearing or roller is to support rotating, oscillating, or sliding movement by means of surface contact, and to accomplish this with a minimum of power-dissipating friction and deterioration at the interface. Aero-Glide™ aircraft cargo rollers are unique in offering proven performance, long term service life, and an economical replacement choice for traditional metal rollers.


FAA-PMA approved Aero-Glide™ copolymer cargo rollers offer the following benefits:

  1. Extended service life

  2. Reduced roller replacement cost

  3. Reduced long-term maintenance cost

  4. Lighter weight - translates to increased payload or reduced fuel cost

  5. Demonstrated performance - “onboard” service and required FAA & environmental testing

  6. Compatibility - standard trays translates to easy conversion

  7. Optional designs for specific applications


Copolymer is a high strength, crystalline engineering thermoplastic material having a desirable balance of excellent properties and easy processing.

Copolymer is an ideal candidate to replace metal rollers because of its predictable long-term performance over a wide range of in-service temperatures and harsh environments. It exhibits and retains the following properties under demanding service conditions:

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.13.17 AM.png
  1. Low wear

  2. Abrasion resistance

  3. Low coefficient of friction

  4. Excellent creep resistance

  5. Chemical / Corrosion resistance

  6. Very high strength-to-weight ratio

  7. Dimensional stability

  8. Fatigue resistance

  9. 100% recyclable

Aero-Glide aircraft cargo rollers


The Aero-Glide™ roller tray mounted, rollers has been sold and installed on major air carriers since 2004 with no returns, no service problems, no acknowledgement of failures of any kind, nor acknowledgement of any Aero-Glide™ roller wearing out due to onboard service.